Robert D Varner III

Project Manager

Teal Construction is nearing completion of it’s first project with Q-Haul. We contracted them for both earthwork and site utilities. I have worked in the construction industry in San Antonio for nearly 18 years and this was also my first project with Q-Haul personally. I have truly enjoyed their enthusiasm to perform and satisfy all of our onsite needs on the project. The field personnel were knowledgeable and communicated well with our superintendent throughout the project. The office staff responded to Teal’s needs promptly as well. I would recommend Q-Haul for future Teal projects as well as any other General Contractor’s projects based on our recent project performance and price point.


Eugene C. Urban, Jr., P.E.

Principal & Partner

Q-Haul Inc. just finalized sitework including excavation, fill, site grading, and roadway construction for a 10 acre commercial subdivision on North Padre Island. They worked in conjunction with a local underground utility contractor. I was very satisfied with their ability to coordinate and complete the work in unison with the other contractor. During construction the project experienced extensive delay while waiting on the local power provider. Q-Haul patiently stood by without requesting additional compensation while the power installation was completed. Additionally, the project as designed and bid required considerably more fill than construction funds available; so the contract award was short of fill. Q-Haul subsequently provided the additional fill to complete the project at a reasonable price once funds were available. Q-Haul was receptive to suggestions as well as providing timely and helpful feedback during construction of the project. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with Q-Haul and found them to be trustworthy with a high level of integrity, a good work ethic, as well as personal responsibility and an objective attitude. I highly recommend Q-Haul as a quality sitework contractor.