In 2017 Q-Haul acquired a 35 year old concrete company, ECO-Crete, and created a new segment of Q-Haul, doing commercial concrete, slab on grade, site work, tilt wall, and place & finish.

Slab on Grade – We use top materials and methods when we monolithically pour our slabs to ensure the ultimate integrity. This engineering practice allows us to ensure the structure is sound by using reinforcing rods, wire mesh, anchor bolts and gravel to allow for proper stability and drainage.

Tilt Wall – This type of service requires significant organization and collaboration, and we will create your precast concrete construction, ready to erect with this cost-effective technique with shorter completion times that will have your walls up quickly.  We will pour your engineered specifications as requested, and are always present during the tilt phase.

Place & Finish – Our place and finish team is able to finish your slab to the engineer specifications, including flat, super flat, shiny or other patterns or needs.  We have the certified laser screed employees and plenty of equipment that allow us to place and finish your concrete however you like.  We take pride in our work and can provide feedback on your needs for the intended service use.